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Whereas, the 65th Infantry Regiment hailed from Puerto Rico and its members were known as the Borinqueneers; and

Whereas, the unit was founded in 1899 and remained a vital part of the United States Armed Forces until 1956, when the Regiment was inactivated; and

Whereas, this distinctive military unit served in multiple conflicts and members were known for their fierce fighting spirit; and

Whereas, during World War I and in 1943 the Borinqueneers were sent to guard the Panama Canal and in 1944 were deployed in North Africa, Italy, Corsica, France and the Maritime Alps, where they engaged in their first combat and suffered 47 casualties; and

Whereas, in Korea the Regiment saw its finest and gravest hour when facing off against Chinese soldiers in order to hold open the retreat route for the Chosin Reservoir; and

Whereas, on February 2nd, 1951, two battalions of Borinqueneers took part in the last battalion bayonet charge in the United States military history, routing Chinese forces from 2 strategic hilltops south of Seoul; and

Whereas, Puerto Rican soldiers also defended a recuperating United States Army Division from infiltrating North Korean soldiers; and

Whereas, by the time the Regiment was inactivated, more than 750 Borinqueneers had died and 2,400 had been wounded in the Korean War alone; and

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