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Thank you so very much and thank you, my President, President Council No. 5, what I consider as the capital district.

I rise to take a special privilege because I believe that justice was not done. For the last eight weeks, I've tried to get a copy of the Corizon prison's contract, and my members -- I represent the healthcare professionals who work at the prison, all of them. And after eight weeks begging, I'm pained that I was told to get that information by seeking it from the special information from the government.

The prisons -- everybody here voted on the contract. Couldn't find the yeas and nays because they voted yea and nay. There was not a roll call vote. But everybody here is responsible for the contract, and we, the taxpayers, believe that we were entitled to a copy of that contract. Not receiving one, you left us no alternative other than to take the action that we will boldly take, and our members, the healthcare professionals, are voting as we speak, and for the first time in history, there will be a strike at the Philadelphia Prison by the healthcare workers who work there, and no injunction will prevent us from doing what you have forced us to do.

I want to thank 1199's secret weapon, the introducer of this change, brother from the electric workers. They thought he was the only labor leader in Council, but we've always had a secret weapon working on behalf of workers and have always been there, and I want to thank him for bringing this to the Council.

But I'm here to say that somebody here should act before we do, because there will be a strike at the prison by the healthcare professionals. Yesterday, 176 have already voted, and I'm predicting that by the close of the day on Saturday, they will all be finished and they will have authorized the strike unanimously, and we will carry it out at all costs. But those of you who are responsible for this contract must take responsibility for it. If not, we will have to.

Thank you so very much for permitting us to tell you to help us to avoid this catastrophe.

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