Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Good afternoon. Thank you to the Council President. Thank you, members of Council, for this opportunity to speak with you. I'm speaking today on Bill 130156. My name is Amy Laura Cahn and I'm a staff attorney with the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia. PILCOP, or the Law Center, is a member of both the Citywide Land Bank Alliance and the Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land. We have been very proud to work with such broad-based efforts that represent such a diverse constituency of Philadelphians.

We believe in this land bank. We've been saying over and over these words: equitable, transparent, predictable, accountable, efficient, and they start to feel like they don't have meaning any longer, but they do. This land bank has the potential to move us forward in the areas of community economic development, environmental justice, food justice, disability rights, access to affordable visitability housing, accessible housing, but we need to get it done. It will require work by all of us, and we are all committed throughout Philadelphia, but we need the bill passed. We ask that you pass this bill before winter recess so that we can start getting this work done.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to speak.

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