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Good morning, Mr. President and distinguished members of this Council. I'm here to talk about Bill 130686 first.

I'm really here just to say thank you to this Council for -- especially to the Finance Committee, Mr. Green, who chaired that committee that day, Blondell, Councilman Goode, Councilman Jones, Councilwoman Blackwell, Councilwoman Tasco, and Councilman Greenlee. You all did a fantastic job that day, because you listened to me, a citizen.

This policy that you put in place gives citizens the right to come down to the public hearings to make our points. And I came to a public hearing. I'm not restricted by time, and I made my point. My point I made first to Councilman Goode, who opposed that bill, and my point was simply the removal of some words, five words, which was "upon the request of OEO," because the game that was being played on minorities in this city was if we didn't have the reports, we couldn't really see what was going on.

Councilman Jones often says if you can track something, you can correct it. Well, the game was, they would hold the reports until the request of OEO. So through Councilman Goode's, one of his other committees, we got -- he got Ms. Burton to admit, well, there's no transparency, because they're not comfortable with citizens such as myself to come down and request information. So because you listened, we removed that. Because you are our elected officials. We're citizens on this side of this bar. We put our trust in you and the decisions you make.

But the thing that you always say is about transparency. It's transparency for you, our elected officials, and it should be transparency for us as citizens to be able to see things. Well, the game they played was, it's transparency by their definition. So I thank you for changing that language to make transparency real.

In regards to 130156, we should learn from what just happened on the other OEO legislation, and, that is, that Council, our elected officials, have to have a say in everything, because on this side, there's people that's not elected by anybody. On your side, you're elected by the people to do the people's business. The people on this side, whether it's the land bank, developers, period, they want to take your power from you. We need you to have your power, because we need to make sure that we all rise up. I don't want nobody be down. I don't want the Jews, I don't want the Hispanics, nobody. I want us all to rise together, and we need leadership to make that happen. So I thank you for that, and thank you for everything you've done for us.

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