Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Let us pray.

God almighty and all powerful source of love and everything in creation, we ask your blessing upon those gathered here today in City Council. May your spirit enlighten the hearts of all those engaged in the discussions affecting the people of Philadelphia so that they may further the common good. Guide them by your wisdom to work for justice for all the people they have been elected to serve. Give them courage to champion the rights of their constituents, especially those most vulnerable, the poor and the powerless. Pour out on your servants a spirit of truth, understanding, and integrity that they may know with all their hearts what is good and pleasing to you.

Good and gracious God, in whose hand lies every human heart, look with favor on these public servants who have been chosen to govern, recognizing that their authority derives from doing what is right and just on behalf of the people in their care. May the trust of those same people in their public servants prove to be well founded.

Commending to you these elected officials called to serve with humble hearts and a strong resolve to do what is right and just, we offer our prayers that you may continue to inspire their hearts and minds and strengthen their character, always to consider first the common good of all.

In your good and gracious name, we offer these prayers, you who live and reign forever and ever.

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