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-- fellow citizens. I rise today to speak in favor of 130156, as amended. I am speaking in favor of it on behalf of Wendell Young, Don McGrogan, and the 7,300 members of the United Food and Commercial Workers and our allies in the Take Back Vacant Land Coalition. We are happy to see -- and I will tell you this. I am no stranger to this room, but my business has required me to spend an awful lot of time up in Harrisburg, and I only wish that that body in Harrisburg would be as diligent as this body in coming together, dealing with issues, important issues, and coming to compromises that are going to move this bill and this city forward. So I would like to congratulate you on your foresight, your courage, and your tenacity to get this done.

We think this bill is important, because we -- at 7,300 members in this city, they work in a number of different places, the Acmes, the Shop Rites, the Super Freshes, Rite Aids, Pennsylvania Wine and Spirit Shops, and they want to continue to be a part of this city, and the passage of this bill will allow for responsible development of affordable housing and also businesses. Particularly with the master plan, the strategic plan requirement will allow us to look at the City, determine what businesses belong where, what housing belongs where, and this will be a great advantage to everybody in this city.

So, again, in closing, I would like to thank Council President Clarke, Chairman Henon, the sponsor, Councilwoman Sanchez, and all the members of Council for coming together to get this done, and we look forward to its final passage.

Thank you.

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