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Good afternoon, Council President Clarke and also Councilman Jones, City Council, citizens. First I'd like to thank LEVAS Communication, the Lomax family, and WURD Radio for broadcasting live on 900 AM and also streaming

I'm going to be commenting also on 120118 just like Mr. King.

I went to a hearing and a meeting that was facilitated by Sharmain Matlock-Turner with the Marcellus Shale representatives. I need to tell you that there was some sharp people there, like myself, who they didn't have an impact study for 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or 500 years down the road on depleting our resources and digging in the ground and putting all kinds of unknown chemicals in the process known as fracking. Again, I say, get the frack out of here.

The Fukushima fallout, y'all have heard about that. They're melting down, they're polluting the water, and Queen Lane Reservoir in Germantown, Philadelphia Water Department last year found traces of radioactivity from Fukushima. We're so close, a couple of hundred miles away, downstream from the Marcellus Shale. Then do you want your water to be set on fire? Do you want your children, grandchildren bathing, swimming in these pools? You want to eat fish from there? I mean, it's obscene. Rates will go up. Deregulation will come. And I need to know what's the process for City Council to have people like me and Mr. King come in hearings where we don't have to comprise everything into three minutes and let our feelings known. What's the process? We're knowledgeable and willing to serve.

Lastly, I'd like to talk about Bill No. 130723. It's an ordinance by referring to mental retardation with intellectual disabilities. I talk to a lot of homeless people and a couple of weeks ago talked to a gentleman paying his fines for vagrancy and loitering. What happened, the same police officers were writing him up all these tickets in the thousands of dollars. It's like the Fugitive Slave Act. He has to pay these fines so he won't go to jail, you know.

So we built a skating rink. We got the Christmas Village. Now they can't be on the Parkway because of tourists.

We need to build shelters, train. These people will be willing to pay taxes. Some of them just need medication, like this disability bill talks about.

So let's start thinking about the sleep number that you sleep on, Councilpeople, and the sleep number of a park bench, grass or cardboard box.

Lastly -- my time is up -- I want to address City Council. I'm a City employee with no contract for six years. I want to call out Pete Matthews, Cathy Scott, and Fred Wright. You need to negotiate fairly. Stop making back-door deals. I need a contract. I want my pension safe.

Thank you. I remain, Cye Harold Sheppard, Nubian Warrior King.

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