Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Thank you. Commenting on 130 -- 120118. Again, I need to remind you that you should not privatize any more of our services to private entities. We can see the influence that Marcellus Shale has on Governor Corbett. We could see the very favorable non-payment or non-distribution of a lot of the profits of Marcellus Shale. We know they're very interested, as is other entities, as Mr. King has stated talking about this bill.

I don't want to set my spigot water on fire. I don't want our children and grandchildren swimming in this cesspool from fracking chemicals. Again, get the frack out of here.

You know, I don't want to eat fish that swims in that water. I don't want to swim in pools with that water.

So let's be smart. Let's be human. Let's not just think about the back-door money deals.

Also, I would like to comment on Bill No. 130175 and 130701, those bills introduced by Councilman, I think, Oh so that Councilpeople or elected officials don't have to resign their office to run to get reelected or elected. As a public municipal employee, I don't want to quit if I consider running. I'm just as -- probably smarter than most here. I'm more courageous and an advocate for the people, and I haven't maxed out my DROP yet. So do I have to quit to run? I don't want to, but that's the Home Rule Charter.

Lastly, I'm going to talk about the Registered Community Organizations. Now we want to reduce it to just giving 200 yards notification for maybe a 20-story high rise around the corner. We have to be more representative and let the public be more involved. We need to do like they're doing in the Ukraine right now and Syria right now and Libya right now. Take to the streets. Let's take our city back. Let's take our state back. Let's take our country back. Let's take our world back.

We have to really invite more people to be representative and get on these committees, because the schools are ours, these buildings are ours, all taxpayers.

My time is up. Thank you. I remain, Cye Harold Sheppard, the Nubian Warrior King.

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