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My name is Constance Morrow, and I would like to speak to all of you today about the Bill 130156-A, the land bank bill. I'm a volunteer with the Woman's Community Revitalization Project, which is a member of Take Back Vacant Land. I'm here today. It has been three whole years that we have been trying to get this bill passed. I just want y'all -- I just want to thank all of y'all from the bottom of my heart for getting this bill done today.

For those who don't know me, I also testified on the bill here on October the 5th, and I stated that the blight that overwhelms my neighborhood in the 2200 block of Germantown Avenue since I was a child made it so that I cannot have a decent picnic in my own backyard or a barbecue or make a safe place for my children to play or to grow today, some 50 years later.

I'm here today of the history day because I believe that the land bill will make it fair by requesting strategic planning amendment approved on the last week's Council meeting session. Give my neighborhood hope there will be more affordable housing, opportunity, jobs, community facilities, and a safe, clean space, garden space.

Pass this bill today and we will brighten and uplift the community throughout our great city, the city we call Brotherly Love.

Now I'm going to celebrate today, because I know that you know that I would stay involved. I want to make sure that everything on this bill's promise become realistic towards moving, so you may see my face more often next year. I'm here to stay. Let's continue to work together as we did in 2013 so that we can still have a land bank in 2014.

Thank you. May God bless and have a happy holiday.

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