Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

President Clarke, members of City Council, thank you for allowing me to provide public comment today. My name is Vanessa Sanders. I live in North Philadelphia at 524 East Luray Street. For nine years I have worked at the Hampton Inn at 13th and Race, which is owned and operated by Hersha.

Most of my co-workers and members of my union live and work in Philadelphia. We are proud of this city and we believe in Philadelphia's future.

Thirteen years ago, my hotel received a TIF tax break. My hotel also signed a labor peace agreement with my union, Unite Here Local 274. The hotel was built, I was hired, and I now have a good job with benefits.

Everyone in Philadelphia deserves a good job with benefits. I believe that given the opportunity, people in Philadelphia will fight and struggle to get a good job with benefits.

I have been on the picket line. I have marched down Market Street and demand justice. I have chanted and marched and sang with the Fast for Safe Schools that helped persuade Harrisburg to provide additional school funding.

I know that hotel workers throughout the City will do everything in our power to make sure that the workers in this hotel are treated fairly. If we have to march and picket, we will do so.

Don't give this hotel a tax break today and then find out in the middle of the labor dispute tomorrow. Please vote no on the tax break.

Thank you.

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