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Thank you, Mr. President. I want to underscore the remarks and observations shared by Councilman Brian O'Neill. I could not agree 2,000 percent. The upside or the seeing that glass is half full, by way of point of information, the Paul Levy in the most current issue of the Center City District publication does a stark contrast on the pluses of this demographic and does it in great detail and pointing to the positive value that they bring to this city along a number of different -- or discussing a number of different factors.

So struck by that article, my office has begun to take a look at this demographic, largely because I have a few of those in my office, so it would behoove me to. But to Councilman Brian O'Neill's observation, when you read Paul Levy's report, we should be encouraged in what they bring and look to see how we can be innovative in holding them here once they choose -- and I do mean the word "choose" -- to stay here. So kudos to Brian O'Neill's, Councilman Brian O'Neill's observations.

Thank you.

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