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Thank you, Mr. President. Public safety means different things to different people, and we've discovered that over the last couple of years. But a disturbing new type of wave of crime is spreading throughout the City of Philadelphia, and this particular type of methodology is using utility workers' uniforms to gain access to houses. In particular vulnerable to this type of deception are our seniors.

On January 10th, an elderly couple in South Philadelphia, they were robbed in their home by two men posing as utility workers. I believe it was in Councilman Squilla's district. A 79-year-old Korean War veteran was sitting in his home with his 77-year-old wife and their special needs son. Authorities say they ransacked every room and took about $2,500 in cash and jewelry that meant a lot to that couple.

Just last week, a 54-year-old woman was able to fight back two impersonators who tried to rob them by using a bat. This was in the Northeast, I believe in Councilwoman Sanchez's district. They were dressed in white jumpsuits, and the couple thought that they were Water Department workers.

We held a summit in 2011 called Aging in the New Age and we discussed a great many things, and one of them was how the trend of picking on our most vulnerable in the fourth quarter of life was becoming more of the trend of some of these desperate criminals.

Many of our senior citizens are more often falling vulnerable to that. So tomorrow, January 24th at 11 o'clock, we are bringing a committee together, Public Safety, to discuss this, and we want to do three basic things. We want to bring awareness to this new trend, how they're posing as utility workers. We want to learn how law enforcement is dealing with this disturbing trend, and then, finally, we want to find out from the PECO's and the PGW's of the world how they are providing proof of identification for their workforce, whether it is electronic, whether it is an app, whether it is an old-fashioned rotary dial-up phone. We want to know how seniors can be comfortable with that, and then provide, at the end of the day, tips to seniors on how to prevent these heinous acts from occurring throughout our city.

So I hope my colleagues will join me 11 o'clock tomorrow with the utility companies to discuss this and put our minds together to keep our seniors safe.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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