Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Thank you, Mr. President. By way of brief explanation to the public, I'd simply like to say that I feel that it is important that we include the Office of the Mayor. Apparently when the "resign to run" section was placed in the Charter, which I am attempting to amend and which we had passed, I did not realize until notified by our technical staff that in the section pertaining to the Mayor's Office, it has its own limitation upon the Mayor, that if we did not address that if the referendum passed by the citizens, all City elected officials, except the Mayor, could announce and run for another office without first resigning. And so in order to allow our Mayor to run for another office without first resigning, this amendment has to be placed, because Section 3-400, which limits the Mayor to two terms, also states that the Mayor cannot run for another position without first resigning. That is the purpose of this amendment and, therefore, I move that Council reconsider the vote by which Resolution No. 130715 was adopted.

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