Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Good morning. My name is Bernadette Wyche, Ward Leader of the 24th Ward, and that's the Mantua area. And we already have people speaking from Mantua, and I just want to add on to it, that the developers come in. They come before our community. If we approve or disapprove -- or we disapprove anything, then they come back down here. They want to make it where they could go into wherever they developing, whatever block they going to go into, put up apartment building or something, that they could ask only one or two persons in that block -- and that means nobody -- to get the okay so they could develop, and I think it's wrong. And Mantua is out here fighting, because there's so many developers there now. You turn right, you turn left, front and back, they there. And the taxes is going up, and there's no jobs for anybody, and it's bad. It's bad.

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