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Good morning.

MS. McCORMICK: Good morning, City Council President Clarke and the body of City Council. I am speaking today on Bill No. 130657 concerning the RCOs. Our concerns is, one, about the land usage. About the land usage is when developers come into our community and tell us one thing that they're going to develop their land and when we go down to the ZBA, it's something completely different. That's under (a)(.2) on the bill.

Line No. (B)(.3), the name of the person who is going to be designated for the Civic Design Review. We feel as though that that should be someone from the community and, once again, not an organization who does not live in our community.

Number (c), the Planning Commission. We feel as though that the Planning Commission should not select who should be an RCO. And, again, as we have said for the last year, that there is no appeal process if you are denied.

Also on the bill, No. 12, it also talks about neighborhood notification. It does not talk about the developers in terms of notifying the community. We tell you time and time and time again that they do not notify us of what development is coming through. We as the RCOs have to go back and check to make sure that the developers are doing what they're supposed to do.

The other thing that happens in there is also that they do unscrupulous things where they come in and they make promises to the community and then to find out that they don't own the property and they're just the agent, so that those promises that is made to the community does not happen.

The other thing that takes place in this here is that your bill does not talk about the developer, Mr. Henon, from -- they don't have any standards.

We ask that this bill is tabled until you decide where is the developer held accountable for what they do. You have -- and this bill has not made it friendly to the community. We have asked you. We have met with other Councilpersons, and it still has not talked about have been community friendly.

We also says here we have a list of concerns. Our list of concerns is that the power comes to -- goes to the Commission. The bill allows the Planning Commission to select coordinating agencies. The bill requires proof of elections. The bill removes the democratic process. Also the bill has no independent appeal process. The bill reduces zoning notification. The bill leaves notification to developers. The bill leaves -- takes away the rights of the residents. The bill leaves the Planning Commission power to suspend for one year. The bill requires RCOs to bring all of their paperwork down for 12 months. The bill has numerous straight illegal requirements. The bill -- have you checked with the federal laws? You did not.

The bill has numerous straight -- the bill -- as you can see, I am very upset by this bill. I cannot believe that after all that we have done, that you have sat back here and asked us, those of us who have went to college, to stay here and support the community and support you in reelection, that now that we have been denied with this RCO bill and you have not talked about anything in terms of the developers.

Thank you.

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