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I want to make this very quick. I think it comes down to developers versus community, and I want to speak directly to City Council, because the reality of it is, many of you started out as community leaders, activists in your community. You were sitting back here in the popcorn section many times before you got up there as City Council, and at that time, you went around to Ms. Sinni, the block captains, head of all the block captains, and you went around to Mr. Johnson, head of Town Watch over here, and Mr. Parks, who got the men's group down the street, and you went around to Ms. Barbara, who got all the CBO coalition. Now many of these people have become RCOs and now you're acting as if you don't know who they are.

But I tell you what, to God be the glory, because come six months from now when you're running for reelection, you going to want to go around to Ms. Sinni, you going to want to go around to Mr. Johnson, you going to want to go around to Mr. Parks, you going to want to go around to Ms. Barbara and you're going to want to say, Hi, I'm running for City Council again, can I come out and talk to your group.

Oh, but let me tell you, the word is out. People understand. It's all over. Because if these CBOs start getting cancelled as RCOs, they're going to tell their members. Their members have families. Their families have neighbors, and they're going to put it out. It's already been told to us they're going to put the vote out about AVI, ten-year tax abatement, and RCOs. It's going to Broad and Erie, Broad and Olney. It's going to go to Germantown and Chelten. It's going out to Bridge and Pratt, all over the place, because the reality of it is this: The people are tired about this situation. No more mama balls, papa balls, community day. No more reelection, job fair.

The people are struggling. They can't put food on the table. You have minimum wage a 7.75, but you going to let a developer come and build a condominium starting at 12 and 15 hundred dollars a month.

A vote for this Bobby Henon bill is a vote for developers. A no vote is for the community. We're not going to stand up here and allow you to disrespect us anymore. We've had enough. The bottom line is that we may not have no power today, but we got power come reelection time when you want to get that vote. And if you can disregard us now but you maybe can't disregard us back then, because reality is these developers are out here and they're doing unscrupulous things. They make promises to the people that they don't stand up to. They want to ask for zoning meetings. They don't even own the property. It's under contract for 60 days, and if that deal don't go through, then you have a voting on properties that they don't even own.

I'm saying to you, you need to come and sit down and talk about ground zero. Don't sit up here and support this bill and talk about what RCOs is not doing. Talk about what developers are out there doing. And that's not right that you sit up here back in the 1990s when nobody was around. People stayed here and paid their taxes and stuck by you through thick and thin, and now you turn your back on us.

But what does it gain the whole man to have nothing? And even though they might be walking in your offices and making all these offers, but if you can't enjoy it, because God is our leader and he will protect the poor and he will turn around in our favor.

Thank you. Thank you, God.

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