Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Good morning. Thank you, City Councilman Clarke, members of City Council. Also good morning to Kenyatta Johnson, Jannie Blackwell, Wilson Goode, Jr., and Curtis Jones and other members of City Council.

President Clarke, I have a question to ask you. Has Bill 130657 passed?

No. You ain't going to answer. I'll answer for you.

Can the provision of a bill be implemented before it's passed by City Council? President Clarke?

No. You won't answer that either.

Does a City agency have the authority to implement the provision of a bill before it's passed? I didn't think so. But at any rate, I have in my hand a letter, City Planning Commission implementing Bill No. 130657. I want to know under what authority they did this.

I received this on Tuesday. It states on March 1st, 2014, a new zoning law, Bill No. 130657, goes into effect, and that changes the role of RCOs. You think they would have the decency to wait until Council actually passed the bill before they sent out letters triumphing what seems to be a foregone conclusion.

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