Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Thank you, Councilman.

Before considering these bills and resolutions on our Final Passage Calendar, we will have public comment. Public comment will go as follows:

If you are interested in testifying on bills and resolutions today on the Final Passage -- bills and resolutions on the Final Passage, you must have signed up to the table to my left. You will be given three minutes for your testimony. You will come before the Council at the podium in the middle of the Council. There's a device on that podium. It has a light. That light will turn green. It is your time to speak. When the light turns yellow, you have 30 seconds to conclude your remarks. And at the end of your three minutes, the light will turn red. I'd ask that you please adhere to those guidelines and conclude your comments.

Mr. Decker, would you please read the name of the first individual.

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