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Thank you, Mr. President. Whether you're pro-union, anti-union or you're ambivalent and don't have an opinion, this bill should worry you. Just like voter ID, when a certain segment of our country cannot win with the merits of their argument, they try to change the rules. Voter ID is a perfect example of that. Let's stop people from voting because we can't convince them of our opinion, so we'll take away their franchise.

The Koch brothers, Koch brothers, however you pronounce their name, and the Commonwealth Foundation, who they're funding, doesn't have to disclose who is giving the money. We understand there may be as much as $12 million in this effort to have these two bills passed. They don't have to disclose. We as elected officials, PACs, and other organizations that are active politically -- as a matter of fact, tomorrow we'll be filing our disclosure forms. The Commonwealth Foundation doesn't have to disclose anything. The Koch brothers/Koch brothers don't have to disclose anything.

They can't win on the merits of their argument, so let's diminish the ability for the other side to get their message out. And this is what these bills are about. As Joe Schulle from Local 22 so eloquently stated, it's not a burden on the Commonwealth or any other government to take deductions out of people's payroll checks. It's done by computer. It's done automatically. Individuals who -- when the dues are not permitted to be taken out, those unions still have to represent those people individually that refuse to pay the dues, and they have to go around administratively and chase them. This is the most streamlined, effective way of getting the dues money into the union. And as Joe said also, it's a hard-money state. So this crap about it being used for politics is just that, crap.

They want to change the rules because they can't win their argument, and this state, despite the fact we have a republican governor and a republican House and Senate, tends nationally to trend on blue's side, and that drives some people crazy. If their arguments made sense, they could convince people regularly to vote for their views, but they can't, so they try to change the rules. And I think these two bills are really, really a terrible message to the rest of the Commonwealth that somehow when we can't win, we're going to check for your ID so you can't vote and we're going to take your dues money away so you can't have a message or a voice. And I urge my colleagues to support these.

Thank you.

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