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Good morning. I don't have anything prepared, but I know my brothers in organized labor are here speaking against House Bill 1507, and I wanted to spend a quick moment reiterating their concerns.

This is a transparent and blatant attack against public organized union labor across the state, and this is the first step. They're going to come after the public unions and they're going to come after the private-sector unions, and they're going to come after us. So they excluded the cops and firefighters this time around, but this is only the first step for these guys, and they're coming for us. They don't want the democratic party to have a word and they don't want organized labor to have a word. It's absolutely unconscionable that they're doing this. As I said, it's an egregious attack on organized labor.

On 1210 every three seconds you hear this commercial on 1210 right now, and it's a complete falsification of what's going on. They're saying it's a payroll protection act.

Pennsylvania is a hard-money state. Our union dues cannot go to support a political candidate. They cannot go to support a political candidate. So that's nonsense.

They're saying state and local money is being spent to deduct union dues. It doesn't cost the state or local government any significant amount of money, and it's negotiated. Your taxes are deducted from your payroll. Charities are deducted from your payroll, garnishments, child support. All these things are already deducted from your payroll. The idea that they're hiding behind this is a defense for this ridiculous bill. Council has to stand up and say no way.

Thank you very much.

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