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Good morning. Greetings to all. If I could sing, I would be singing "no more backwards thinking, time for thinking ahead" regarding Resolution 130958.

Whenever I go down to PHA Board meetings, I ask about two areas of my concern, the 5H program, which is a program that was supposedly set up for long-term tenants in scattered sites to be able to purchase properties that they reside in. This hasn't been a very effective program unfortunately. And in addition, I ask about the pre-apprentice program, which has been in place by now -- these tenants who approve through this program should be journeymen and women, because the tenants is what PHA is really all about. That's what brings these millions of dollars into our city.

But I want to be clear. PHA is the gentrifying agency, moving mostly black women and children out of the City to areas like Pottstown, Phoenixville, and other parts unknown. Our area in North Philadelphia has the Bloomberg Project, which is going to be imploded. Two of our area schools were able to be shut down because tenants were moved out of this area, the Reynolds School and the Vaux School, which are now proposed to be adaptive reuse for housing.

So I'm asking you all as leaders, focus your attention on the tenants. Focus on the reason why this money comes. Help those folks who live in long-term and scattered sites buy houses before you do a bundle sale to developers, which gave you less money than when you did them individually.

Focus on those youth who are most likely to be in poverty through this pre-apprentice program. Help them get uplifted out of the muck and the mire. This is a great opportunity that you all have to do that. This is an opportunity without any fanfare where you can help a substantial amount of, just so happened to be, African Americans, women, and mostly children who have resided in PHA for a very long time. Use your power, please.

Thank you very much.

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