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Good morning, everyone. I would like to thank Councilwoman Reynolds Brown for inviting me to be here today and everyone else on the Council as well. I am Kathleen Wainwright and a proud teacher in the School District of Philadelphia. I am here with three of my students from Overbrook Educational Center. They were with me here today. Because I wrote this book, I am a super hero in the classroom.

I am just honored to have an opportunity to share my story, not with just my students but with all of the students in Philadelphia and really across the world. We've had book sales all over. So I am loving this experience and the journey that this book has taken me on. I have a new book coming out later this spring, and I am honored to be able to participate in the African American Children's Book Fair. In the past, I have gone to buy books, and now I get to share my story with the people who attend.

So thank you, and have a good day.

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