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Thank you, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, members of Council, especially those who are present. I have a connection with everybody up on this stage that goes beyond their political duties. Curtis Jones is my Councilperson. Give it up to him. Jannie Blackwell is a dear friend, and Kenyatta Johnson, I can't express my appreciation, who came on board as a sponsor to help us defray some of our costs, and I truly appreciate him and his team, Tiphanie White and Chris Sample, to help us continue our mission.

I am not going to hog the mic, because that is my style now, but I want to give these three people behind me who are local Philadelphia authors who have gotten a lot of -- and illustrator who have gotten a lot of attention with their book on the national level.

Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown said you must come out. We give away a thousand books, a thousand brand new books of our guests, authors, and illustrators, promotional materials. We give away books to educators to leave that room with books to use in their classroom. Our mission is about getting people to read, but it's also encouraging people to enjoy reading and taking books into their home, because a book does open up a world of opportunities. And, once again, I see Melanie Lassiter here. She came to me three years ago and enabled us to have the PECO Literary Salon this year, which we'll have a cartoonist, we'll give away books, and someone who wrote a book on crocheting, who will instruct the children on crocheting, and they get a book. And I can't express my great appreciation to people like her, Lynette Brown-Sow, people like Comcast, who are all a part of making this a special, special day.

Thank you. And I pass the mic to Nancy Devard and Kathleen Wainwright, who is an educator, who brought her students.

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