Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

And whereas, an additional attendee of the book fair will be Nancy Devard, who is a Philadelphia born and educated award-winning American Library Association Coretta Scott King winning author who has authored several books, including, quote, "The Secret Olivia Told Me," end of quote; and

Whereas, the fair is also lucky to host terrific sponsors and partners, including NBC 10 Philadelphia Reading Circle, the PECO Literary Salon, McDonald's, Health Partners Plan, Health Partners Foundation, Comcast Educators, and Parents Book Giveaway Program, all who have been instrumental in keeping the literary flames ablaze for our children in the City of Philadelphia through tireless contributions to the African American Children's Book Project; and

Whereas, the 22nd Annual African American Book Fair will be held free of charge on Saturday, February 1st from one to three p.m. at the gymnasium of the Community College of Philadelphia located at 17th and Spring Garden Streets; now, therefore

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