Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

During last year I had an opportunity to participate with my fellow South Philadelphian colleague Mark Squilla in the annual Columbus Day Parade, and while we were marching down the streets of South Philadelphia, I had an opportunity to meet a very fine young lady representing the City of Philadelphia as Miss Philadelphia, Ms. Francesca Ruscio. And so today I am pleased and honored to stand with my colleagues to present a citation on behalf of the members of City Council and the City of Philadelphia honoring Miss Francesca Ruscio.

And the citation reads: Whereas, on March the 2nd, 2013, Francesca Ruscio was crowned Miss Philadelphia 2013; and

Whereas, Francesca Ruscio, a native of Bucks County and a graduate of Central Bucks High School East, has advocated for a number of worthy causes in the Philadelphia area; and

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