Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

And let us pray.

Loving provider of all that is good, you have given this city wonders that have called people from all over the world for over 300 years to share in these blessings. We call anew today to bestow upon this gathering of public servants the greatest of all blessings, the wisdom to minister your gifts with dignity, justice, and love for all.

For over 230 years, men and women have made countless sacrifices to assure our right to gather and express opinions without fear. Calling to mind the blessings provided by you and the sacrifices of others, we ask that you inspire the members of this Council to share freely and with mutual respect the thoughts, concerns, and suggestions of their constituents while remembering the intention of William Penn that Philadelphia be a city where people of many origins may become one family of love.

With confidence in your love for us, we offer this prayer to you today.


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