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Thank you, Mr. President. On any given day there is no shortage of things to be outraged about, but in light of the recent snow, I was preparing to take the train into town and wondered if I should carry my pocketbook. In light of the recent shootings around purse snatchings, I thought maybe I shouldn't, but quickly decided that I would.

I wanted to say something to the, quote/unquote, "men" who felt that taking something, anything from any other person was acceptable, but since they haven't turned themselves in, I'll speak to them in their absence.

So you must feel like a big man sticking a gun in a girl's face, which is terrorizing and traumatic in itself, but you didn't stop there, because being the little boy that you are, you pulled the trigger.

In three acts around purse snatchings, two women were killed and one man was shot and injured coming to the aid of his girlfriend. Two men have been apprehended, but the rest of you are still at large, lurking and stalking women, your prey. Cowardly is the word that describes you.

What kind of person are you? If you stuck a gun in a woman's face and pulled the trigger, how many other women have you terrorized before this point? If you've done this, I'm sure you've likely put your hands on a woman before.

Who are you and what are you? Certainly not a man at all. A coward, a weakling, a punk, gutless, without a backbone, less than scum. There are other words that could be used to describe you, but I won't darken this Chamber by saying them.

But, again, I ask, who are you and what are you? How could you be a man born of a woman? Where did you come from? And I have my thoughts on that matter as well. Maybe you were afraid. I guess you thought without a gun these girls would have put it on you and given you the behind kicking you deserved and then some.

You'll get what you deserve, I'm sure of that, and I ask you, was it worth it? Was it worth a life? Likely you got a couple of dollars, maybe a cell phone, maybe some makeup. It wasn't worth it. It never is, and you will pay. Our police will find you, our District Attorney will prosecute you, and all the lives will be changed forever because of your actions.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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