Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

To the President and members of the Council of the City of Philadelphia, the Committee on Rules, to which was referred Bill No. 140005, entitled "An ordinance to amend the Philadelphia Zoning Maps by changing the zoning designations of certain areas of land located within an area bounded by 18th Street, 19th Street, Arch Street and Cuthbert street"; and

Bill No. 140009, entitled "An ordinance to amend Section 14-701 of the Zoning Code, entitled 'Dimensional Standards,' and to amend Section 14-702(4) of the Zoning Code, entitled 'Maximum Floor Area and Height Bonus Amounts,' and to amend Section 14-806 of the Zoning Code, entitled 'Off-Street Loading,' and to amend Section 14-502 of the Zoning Code, entitled 'CTR, Center City Overlay,'" respectfully reports it has considered the same and returns the attached bills to Council with a favorable recommendation.

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