Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Whereas, this elegant Ethel S. Barnett is a longstanding public servant who served as a Philadelphia police officer from 1961 to 1971 and became the first African American to serve on the Pennsylvania Civil Service Commission in 1977. Barnett served on a multitude of government boards, including the Philadelphia Energy Education Council, the Mayor's Commission for Women in Philadelphia, and the Governor's Study Committee on Employment of the Handicapped to forge important public policy changes in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania. She was also the first Vice President of the NAACP Philadelphia Chapter and has been a staunch civil rights advocate; and

Whereas, J. Wyatt Mondesire is a longtime Philadelphia political and civil rights activist, expert in the power of the press to organize citizens and to influence public policy. Mondesire began his career in journalism, formerly writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer and then went on to serve as the Chief of Staff to the Honorable Congressman William H. Gray, III, where he assisted in writing the South African Sanctions legislation. In 1991, Mr. Mondesire founded the Philadelphia Sun, a weekly newspaper for our African American community. Mondesire also served as President of the Philadelphia Chapter -- also serves as President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the NAACP and increased its membership by more than 5,000 members. Mondesire continues to support our city through community and numerous all-time civil rights activism; and

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