Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

We want to thank a couple people real quickly. I want to thank Kayla Williams from the One Book Philadelphia. There's a great event. If you haven't read Yellow Birds, they have over a hundred plus events that are going through 19 March.

Fern Villit (ph) from the VA and Debby Derricks from my organization who helped in this process.

I wanted to say that the Wheelchair Games -- and there's so many things that are going on in Philadelphia, but I just got to speak this morning about the coalition to end veterans homelessness. I want to talk about the amazing things that the organization of the City is doing. There's six charities, three City organizations and HUD and the VA as well as the state Veterans Commission involved. When VA and PHA got together, they took a process for HUD-VASH vouchers that used to be more than 140 days. They've done it multiple times, put a veteran from start to finish in a brand new apartment in three to five days. They are doing amazing things.

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