Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

I know that Edgar would expect a lot from our office, and we as a staff intend on doing just that. We will continue to have roundtables, fairs, and presentations for our veterans. The office will work to introduce numerous other activities and events throughout the year, holding to faith a filled agenda.

My promise is that I'm not perfect. I need the help of good veterans. Please make yourself and your organization known to me and to the office.

The resolution today circumferences numerous veterans organizations in Philadelphia. Present today up here with me is Tim Meserve representing of the Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service Center right here. Also another person who continues to help veterans throughout Philadelphia, Elizabeth Helsel, Associate Director of the VA Medical Center. She's back here somewhere with me. Numerous veterans organizations here, the Philadelphia Vets Center, the Veterans Support Group, Safe Haven, Impact Services, Support Homeless Vets, Vet Corps, Travis Manion Foundation, Thank a Vet, People First, the Perimeter, Sunrise House, Stand Down, USEF, Our Vets Success, Point Man Ministries. A couple directors and commanders here, Andre Mears, the Latin-American Post No. 840. Here we go. Here he is. Bill Coles, 5th District up here with me. John Peterson, the Commander of 405, the Union League. Dave Adams, a radio personality somewhere here. Okay. Al Willis, WP Roach Post No. 21 and recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal, World War II right here in our presence.

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