Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

And I want to say too before I read my section is that it's an honor and a privilege for me to be here and to be part of this opportunity to honor the people who have fought for our freedom and given us what we have and have here today.

Whereas, City Council passed a Resolution authorizing the Committee on Global Opportunities and the Creative/Innovative Economy to hold hearings on the state of veterans in Philadelphia which will be held in 2014; and

Whereas, the Philadelphia Free Library, One Book, One Philadelphia Program has chosen The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers, a tale of a veteran's experience while at war, as it is selected for discussion and events to be held throughout the City in 52 existing libraries; and

Whereas, Philadelphia will host the Veterans Wheelchair Games in August 2014, with over 600 competitors from all over the nation traveling to Philadelphia in order to participate; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, by the City Council of the City of Philadelphia, that it hereby recognizes 2014 as the Year of the Veteran in Philadelphia to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments as well as continue to raise public awareness of issues related to veterans and ongoing initiatives to serve those who have served us.

Thank you.

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