Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Let us pray.

Lord, inspire this body today with the qualities of good counsel. Give this City Council insight to make wise decisions, integrity to face truth, courage to make difficult choices, and compassion for the needs of others.

Make those here present a model of justice and honor for the world.

Lord, today we pray for our Mayor, for the various levels of City officials and, in particular, for this assembled City Council. Grant them wisdom to govern amid conflicting interests in issues of our times, a sense of welfare and true needs of our people, a keen thirst for justice and righteousness, confidence in what is good and fitting, personal peace in their lives and joy in their tasks.

I pray for the agenda set before them today. Give them an assurance of what would please you and what would benefit those who live and work here in the City of Philadelphia.

It is in your most blessed name I pray.


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