Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Good morning, Mr. President and the City Council leadership, all the members of City Council, I understand at least from my notes, District Attorney Seth Williams, Sheriff Jewell Williams, Controller Alan Butkovitz. There may be at least one or more City Commissioners, possibly members of the judiciary, but I'll try to cover that with all of my fellow elected officials from all branches of government, the members of our Administration and any special guests that may be here and our fellow

Philadelphians. Reverend Shipman I know

gave the invocation and I want to thank

him not only for that invocation this

morning, but also his leadership and for

his church, risen from the ashes and

strong. I appreciate his leadership.

Mr. President, let me also give

a special thanks to you and all of your staff working together with our staff for the arrangements for today, and I want to say thank you very, very much.

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