Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

Thank you, sir.

Folks, I'd ask that you please keep your voices down a little bit, and if you have any devices, cell phones, whatever, iPads, that make any noise whatsoever, please turn them to vibrate or, better yet, turn them off. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

At this time, I will dispense with the regular order of business and thank everyone for coming here today. I welcome you. I know a lot of you are government employees, so I don't have to give the usual spiel about you experiencing your government in action, but for those of you who are not government employees, I want to thank you and welcome you for coming here today and hope that you enjoy this so much that you come back again. So, again, thank you very much.

Today we have many distinguished visitors with us, including elected officials, heads of departments, boards, commissions, and many representatives from the Administration. Please know that we appreciate you being with us today. We want to extend a warm welcome and to offer our thanks for all the good work that you do, and we all say thank you. Thank you very much.

Guys, you can kind of like take pride in the wonderful work that you do. Thank you all. And I'll be calling some of you tomorrow, because one of the lights in my recreation center is out. Thank you. I'm just saying, with this Council, business is business.

The next order of business is communications. The Chair requests that the Sergeant-of-Arms delivers the messages from the Mayor to the Chief Clerk.

Mr. Decker, would you please read those messages.

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