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It's Johnson, sir, Mr. Majority Leader.

Thank you, Council President. In January, specifically on January the 26th, the Washington, DC-based Violence Policy Center released a study that listed the City of Philadelphia -- that listed the State of Pennsylvania ranking fourth as it relates to homicides amongst African Americans, specifically African American young men. And there's a quiet understanding in the African American community that when the weather breaks, people don't know how to act, and that we have seen on the television over the past several days, we have seen an increase in gun violence throughout the City of Philadelphia.

To date, there have been 52 homicides. Fifty-two of those homicides were by handguns, which means 94 percent of the gun violence taking place in the City of Philadelphia -- 94 percent of the violence taking place in the City of Philadelphia are by firearms.

And so I just want to always make sure that as we go about addressing the various issues in the City of Philadelphia, we also pay attention to the issue of African American black-on-black youth gun violence. And so in the spirit of Falaka Fattah who during her movement No Gang War in '64 -- '74 and produced young leaders such as my Majority Leader, Councilman Curtis Jones, I will always remain on the issue of addressing the issue of youth gun violence amongst African American young men.

We do have a neighborhood task force on youth gun violence that I implemented, kicking the year off and -- kicking this year off in January. We have had several meetings with community members. This evening we will be having a youth think tank spearheaded primarily by young people to talk about what they believe are the issues and concerns and how they can address the issue of youth gun violence and us as adults can be supportive of them. This event will take place at Vare Rec Center from 6 o'clock, and we encourage individuals who are hearing this announcement to come out to participate. And I think collectively as a Council body and as a city and our individual districts as well as the members who are at-large members continue to step up and play a role as we try to save our young people from killing one another.

Thank you, Council President.

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