Transcripts of full meetings of the council.

To the President and members of the Council of the City of Philadelphia, I am returning herewith, as requested by your resolution adopted March 13, 2014, Bill No. 130908, entitled "An ordinance to amend the Philadelphia Zoning Maps by changing the zoning designations of certain areas of land located within an area bounded by Spruce Street, Juniper Street, Cypress Street, Watts Street, Pine Street and Broad Street, by amending Chapter 14-500 of the Zoning Code entitled 'Overlay Zoning', by amending Chapter 14-700 of the Zoning Code entitled 'Development Standards', and by amending Chapter 14-800 of the Zoning Code entitled 'Parking and Loading', all under certain terms and conditions," for the purpose of reconsideration by the Council of the vote by which said bill passed Council.

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