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Thank you for the opportunity to speak. My name is Coryn Wolk and I'm with Protecting Our Waters of Philadelphia.

Like our Water Department, a public PGW provides a steady reliable transfer of funds to our city's needs. In PGW's case, it's $18 million a year.

Mayor Nutter and the proponents of this deal are bragging about the $1.86 billion in the terms of the deal, but these companies aren't stupid. If the entity you're bargaining with gives you everything you want and more, you're probably overlooking something major. And that, among other things, is LNG exports. This has been talked about and hinted at in some of the press coverage, but the City hasn't come out and said that this was a major motivation for the deal.

However, PGW currently owns LNG facilities along the waterfront, and former Pennsylvania DEP Secretary Michael Krancer has said that this deal would allow Philadelphia to become the new Houston.

LNG exports mean more fracking in Western Pennsylvania and elsewhere for natural gas, meaning more air and water pollution and methane escaping to contribute to climate change, more pipelines costing the State and the City when we can't even maintain the infrastructure that we already have.

We already know that this deal will cut good jobs and aid to the City's most vulnerable citizens. We know that it will allow UIL to raise prices at will after 2017. LNG exports guarantee higher gas prices for Philadelphians and people across the country.

Mayor Nutter says that he wants Philadelphia to become the greenest city in America. More fracking and fossil fuel exports and emulating Houston is moving in the opposite direction. Let's move forward, not backward. Let's keep PGW public.

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