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Thank you, Mr. President. As we all know, Monday is Saint Patrick's Day and Sunday is the Saint Patrick's Day Parade, I think the 244th, the oldest in the nation. And I love American-Irish culture and the American version of the Saint Patrick's Day celebration, but often the silly hats and the green beer and some of the acting up gets out of hand, and we're known for that more than anything else. But I've tried over the years to bring into the Council around this time a bit of Irish culture, true Irish culture, and we've had folks in here that danced and musical selections and we've had an Irish tenor. And today we are honored to have Clare O'Malley, who is a Dublin-born actor, a South Philly resident, lives on Passyunk Avenue in the hip part of South Philly. She's appeared at the Arden Theatre and many of the other theatres around Philadelphia, and she is going to grace us today with a wee bit of Irish song and some poetry, which the Irish are most known for. They're poets and they're writers.

So we'd like to welcome her and ask her to go to the podium.

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