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Thank you. I'm Mary Smith. I work for Real Food Works, which is a Philadelphia start-up company. We are very pleased to have received backing from Startup PHL. We are a healthy meal delivery service. We work with a group of restaurants, and we ship nationally. And what we're so pleased about is that it is helping Philadelphia's economy, because we're working with those restaurants, but we are working on everyone's health nationally.

Our founder, Lucinda Duncalfe, would have loved to have been here today. She is incredibly passionate about our health, our environment, the vibrancy of this city. And we are pleased that the Clean Air Council, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and a growing number of school districts have adopted Meatless Monday as a way of supporting health and sustainability nationwide.

Meatless Monday has proven to be the easiest way to teach people about eliminating a little bit of meat from their diet. I mean, we all could go one day, couldn't we?

Real Food Works takes that one step farther. We make it easy by saying, If not meat, then what? So we prepare health-promoting delicious plant-based meals and deliver them to people's doorsteps, and the health benefits? Well, you can imagine - decreased obesity, lower occurrences of cancer, diabetes, acid reflux, arthritis, the list goes on and on. And the pluses? Well, how about longevity, focus, energy, and what we all would like, better sleep. And in terms of the environment, the benefits are enormous.

So thank you, City Council, for being so forward-thinking and adopting this important resolution and supporting Real Food Works and Startup PHL. And we are very hopeful that the Philadelphia School District will join in and institute Meatless Monday.

Thank you.

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