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Yes. These men and women love our community, and they volunteer literally every single day. Every single day on average it's somewhere between three and five disasters in every 24-hour cycle. So every single day these men and women leave the comfort and security of their homes to go help our community. It is incredible what they do to ensure that Philadelphia is the very best place in the world and that our region is strong and secure.

And so I thank you on behalf of them for recognizing all of their work. It means so much. But I also want to thank you for something extra. Council always does its homework, so it's like really impressive to hear you guys read our stats, but some of the things that I'm not certain you even think about, every time we recognize a need in the community, you step up to help us. We have what only exists in our city, Philadelphia, a program called Respect, and Respect is a partnership between Council and the City and the Philadelphia Corporation on Aging to ensure that our seniors are safe during times of disaster. That's a partnership that when we approached you guys and recognized this need, you jumped right on it. So just like our mental health first aid, just like our Red Cross House, every time we recognize a need, you always stand with us and support us and make it happen.

I am eternally grateful for your vision, for your leadership, and for your dedication to our community. And I am particularly grateful to these very brave men and women who sacrifice their time for our community.

Thank you for honoring March as Red Cross Month, and I just look forward to many more years of working with you to make Philadelphia and the Southeast Pennsylvania region the best place in the country, without question.

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