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Thank you, Mr. President. I'm not sure if many people who are sitting here today, aside from the members of this legislative body, understand or know what CCAP stands for. It's the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, and it was created in the late 1880s to weigh in and advise the State Legislature on important issues, and a lot of issues they support and oppose. It is my honor and pleasure to state here today that there was an anti-Work and Family resolution that was withdrawn because of the support of this legislative body in a letter which all members signed on to. It was withdrawn. And what it does, it was supporting state legislation that interferes with the collective bargaining process, and you see that happening all too much these days. People just run to the legislative body to try to circumvent the collective bargaining process. It almost seems like it's a fad. Let's go to the Supreme Court, let's invoke our legislative prerogative or rights. That's wrong. It's 2014.

We have great labor-management cooperation teams. Everybody is reasonable and smart adults that can sit down and bargain. When you talk about work rules, when you talk about the health and safety of members that belong to a union, that means the principles that we all live by every day and looking to have a respectful retirement, to have healthcare and to go to work with dignity, and that's all anybody asks for. And it's their fundamental right to be represented, and when a body chooses to intervene or take action in that process, I find it quite offensive when, again, we just run to a legislative body or another process or civil service committee. I just think it's wrong.

So I just want to thank all my colleagues standing with Work and Families of the State of Pennsylvania and this Commonwealth in keeping the sanctity of collective bargaining strong and vibrant. So thank you all.

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