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Hello. My name is Aras Azoulas. I'm a business owner, a Pennsylvania taxpayer. I own a company that makes the liquid used in electronic cigarettes. Again, like the others have said, it's an unenforceable law. You're basically passing something just to pass something, to say you did something.

You can't tell. You can't tell what I did just there.

As far as it goes, this is for the Pennsylvania Indoor Clean Air Act. It's been proven that propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which are the liquids in an e-cigarette, are harmless. They're actually used in medications. They're used in asthma inhalers. They're used in fog machines. So if you're going to ban indoor vaping, you may as well ban indoor fog machines at concerts and clubs, because it's the same exact vapor that's being put out.

Again, to agree, sending a smoker out to a smoking section or a bar is like sending an Alcoholics Anonymous member out to a bar for a meeting. You're tempting them to do something that is worse for them.

The FDA study is showing that the doctor mentioned earlier the inconsistencies in the cartridges are very outdated and also from Chinese-manufactured cartridges that was also obviously unregulated. In this country, especially with my company, I've hired 18 full-time members. I pay for their health insurance. We're very consistent with the product we make. It's very safe. It's very clean. You can check on our website, see what kind of facility we run. We are self-regulating, as I think business owners in this city should self-regulate what they allow on their own property. It's harmless. It has nothing to do with the Indoor Clean Air Act.

I guess that's all I have to say.

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