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Hi. My name is Aaron Young. I was a smoker for 11 years, a pack a day. I switched to e-cigarettes in October 2012. I haven't used cigarettes since. This bill would force me to go back into smoky bars if I want to go out for a drink. I don't understand why City Council would want to hate smokers so much to pass bills that would vilify smokers even after they've stopped being smokers. Not to mention it's unenforceable. You can't tell if I'm using my e-cigarette.

So how does City Council expect to enforce this? How are you going to issue a citation to someone that you can't tell if they're using the device?

On top of that, this bill may very well be preempted by the Pennsylvania Indoor Clean Air Act, and I'm sure many people are lining up to sue the Council on this matter if it passes.

Thank you.

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